Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where have we been????

At the Ball field of course!! Avery made the school softball team this year at her middle school and we are so proud of her... Even though we truly have been living there Ha! These days we are in the car a lot. I think poor Seth must be thinking his car seat is his second home! In other news we are still trying to sell our home. Would you please pray that we sell it soon?

So what else have we been doing?!? Well we got all of Seth's sweet little curls cut....It was a very bittersweet moment it was like my sweet baby was turning into a little boy.... But I have to say WE LOVE IT!!!!

A little blurry... He sat so good for his first haircut!

The soft ball star and the little man with his new hair cut.

I think it turned out so sweet and its so much easier than dealing with all those curls." even though I will always love his curls"
Oh and I have a date night tonite with the hubby and I can't wait!!