Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!

Think I will celebrate fall with one of these!!
"Pumpkin Spice Latte"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Seth Ryan!

Seth Ryan turned 3 last Tuesday! So Hard to believe my sweet boy is already three years old....

 What a wonderful blessing you are Seth Ryan!! We love you so much and are so Proud that God picked us to be your parents. Your growing up so fast and talking up at storm and surprising  your dad and I everyday with how smart you are. You are Completely  potty trained even before you turned 3 which I am so proud of because everyone kept telling me how hard boys were to train. We Love you Sweet boy!

 I just love these two pics of you with your Woody hat on. You love everything Toy Story....You would watch the movie everyday and you almost know every word to the movie.
Your daddy was right about getting you your first John Deere Tractor for your B-day so you could be just like your dad and you do absolutely love it!!

Catch up!!

Playing catch up as usual ..... But this is mostly for memories so I can remember!! So as long as it gets done right??
Well another school year has begun and we are back in full swing. Avery started 8th grade this year which is hard to believe. It seems like I was just taking her to preschool last year! Growing up is so bittersweet for parents but so Thankful and Proud of the sweet young lady she is growing up to be!
Speaking of Preschool this little monkey started preschool this year 2 days a week and he loves it! I truly miss him when he is there but also enjoy some "ME" time!!
Looking forward to a great year!!