Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open Adoption!

This is something I don't think I talk about often....Why I'm not really sure to be  perfectly honest. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy Seth Ryan almost 2 years ago through an open adoption. I think the very words " open adoption" scares a lot of people a way. When Brian and I first started the process of adopting we thought that we would definitely want a closed adoption. Our hearts were quickly changed with our very first info meeting we attended at our local adoption agency. Now even though I left knowing that open adoption  "was, could " be a wonderful thing... I was still terrified, but God had a plan!! We attended many workshops through our waiting process and each one began to soften our hearts and gave us the peace of God that we were going in the right direction. On September 13, 2008 sweet Seth Ryan was born and placed in our arms through an open adoption that truly has been a Wonderful thing. Our sweet birth mother "B" has been everything we prayed for. Have there been a few bumps along the way yes absolutely....But I think any relationship in life has it's trials." Nothing that we have not been able to work out".  I  have found that your relationship with your child's birth family really just evolves over time into something that works for everybody. Most importantly this relationship is about your child I believe and its a wonderful healing process for the birth mother to see that her plan was indeed the right plan. Seeing the child she placed for adoption HAPPY and so loved brings healing to her heart. We just recently had a visit with Seth's birth father for the very first time. We prayed a lot before the visit" I was nervous" and God answered our prayers because the visit went Fantastic!! I guess in some ways because Our child's birth parents are very young we have became a mentor to them all a part of God's plan.  We see them every few months usually around every 3 months or so we meet somewhere fun for the kids to play and we always enjoy our time! Open adoption has become so much more than us adopting a baby it has also become a way for us to reach out and show the love of Jesus to a sweet family that brought us one of the sweetest blessings in our life Seth Ryan!