Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful and very Blessed Christmas... I just decided to share our pictures of the kids Christmas morning. Santa was very good to them!Ha!
Avery loving her new coat!!

Here is the next Michael Jordan!!; )

The new fashion designer for America's next top model!

Now this was Seth's most favorite gift of all his wagon...he sat in it all morning!!

Well he did do a little grocery shopping too: )

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and took the time to remember the true reason why we celebrate Christmas because of our saviour JESUS CHRIST! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Card Carousel

I decided to join in this year on the Christmas Card Carousel... After lots and lots of picture and a little sweet one year old that was not crazy about getting his picture made for our family Christmas card. I decided to not make a big fuss over it and just use their picture on the beach from our vacation this year. You always look better in pictures with a little tan anyway!!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the Season for baking cookies!!

Avery did a little baking this weekend... for the most part all by herself!! She wanted to make some Gingerbread cookies and decorate them and she really did a great job!! They were so delicious especially with my coffee the next morning!

These are not my Christmas cards pictures but on Sunday while the kids were in their Christmas red. I wanted to take a few pictures... Well as you can see little sweet Seth Ryan wanted nothing to do with getting his picture made : )

By the time I snapped this last picture he was laying in the floor crying!! So we will hopefully get some pictures later.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas cards????

This was last years Christmas card... I can't believe how much these two have grown up in the past year!! So now I'm in the process of getting this years card ready. I'm thinking a black and white photo outside. I try to do something a little different each year. Christmas cards are one of my many favorite things during the Christmas holidays. Everyday during the month of December I can hardly wait for the mail to arrive each day!! I really want to get my cards out by early next week so I better get busy...So what are some ideas you all have done in the past?? I'm always looking for new ideas!! Hope each of you are taking the time thru this Christmas season to truly celebrate the true meaning of Christmas~*~*~*~*~*~*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Can I have a Christmas wish list???

Lot's of these Peppermint Mocha's from Starbuck's... Oh my goodness they are so yummy!

This adorable red pea coat... How cute is this? I mean really!!

These for dining room... and I really do think I have my husband possibly talked into these MAYBE!

I really do want this leather living room furniture but the truth is I really want be getting this for Christmas!!

How sweet is the new Coach bag... Oh Santa PLEASE!!!

What do you want for Christmas??? Well the truth is all these things are great...But the true meaning of Christmas is all about Jesus!! My sweet hubby always makes sure I do get a few things on my wish list but.... Our heart is making sure others have a good Christmas and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas" Jesus". He is the reason for the season so before any of us get caught up in what we or our children want for Christmas lets try to think of blessing others first and what we can do this holiday season to make a difference this Christmas for someone else..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrible blogger...

I know I have been terrible about blogging lately.... I love to blog but my most favorite is reading all of your fantastic blogs!! I think every now again we all go into a blogging slump and yes that's where I have been. The holiday season is right around the korner and I am sooo excited this is my most favorite time of year. I love, love, love to decorate for the holidays I am a little worried about my tree this year because of a very curious 14 month old running around. If any of my fantastic blog friends have any advice on keeping my tree in good condition ; ) I would appreciate the advice!! I promise to get better at blogging... wait have I said this before?? Well I will TRY with the holidays here I should have lots to blog about and lots of pictures to share. Well gotta go get ready I have some Christmas shopping to do!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween... a little late as usual!!

We started out our day at fall festival at a church near our house. Here is Avery in a Jello eating contest she honestly is about to throw up.
We could not believe Seth actually sat still long enough to have his little face painted like Tigger!

Avery becoming a Beautiful Butterfly!

Look out here comes Tigger.... First stop Trick or Treating at my parents house.

Avery dressed up as a Spa Lady... complete with a face mask, robe, fake nails and all!!!

Tigger and spa lady on the golf cart ready to go trick or treating.... Well actually just spa lady because Tigger refused to get off the golf cart he had no interest in trick or treating... Maybe he will get the hang of it next year!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Fall Yall...

Last night we carved one of our pumpkins.... I don't like scary pumpkin faces so they settled for a pumpkin with heart eyes and a star nose can't get much sweeter than that right? Most of the time we carve crosses in our pumpkins and they look so pretty from the road with a candle inside.
Brian and the kids on a hayride on our way to the corn maze.... Yes I'm taking the picture it always seems to work out that way: )

This year for the first time we decided to make a Halloween ginger bread house. Here is Avery and sweet cousin Erin showing off their work... I think they ate more of the icing than actually got put on the house!!Our trip to the pumpkin patch.... Seth was not interested at all in getting his picture made he had better things to do like running all over the pumpkin patch and letting us chase him. But we did manage to get this "Quick" picture in which I thought still turned out pretty cute...Avery on the other hand shes always ready to strike a pose!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm still HERE....

I know I have not posted in forever...But I really have been super busy around here. We have our house on the market so that keeps me on my toes ALL THE TIME keeping the house clean for when we have showings. We have only lived in the house for a little over 3 yrs but we need MORE room. So when we are not at church, Avery's softball games, doing homework,cleaning, cooking, running here there and everywhere and chasing the most precious 1 yr old around that is into everything we are looking for a new house which is so much fun!! Some days we want to build so we can have exactly what we want... but in all honesty thats a lot of work. I know exactly what I want and believe me I have found what I want but not always in our price range; ) But I know we will find the right house. Loving the cool crisp fall weather, my pumpkin spice coffee and all the fall decor!! How is your fall?? I have a few fall pics to post hopefully this week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday To my Sweet Husband!!

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! WE Love you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


One year ago today at only 17 days old Seth came down with a fever so I took him into the doctors office . We were then sent downtown to the Hemby's Childrens Hospital where later that evening Seth was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. Seth was admitted into PICU and placed on a ventilator for 9 days. We were told that getting thru the first 48 hrs was really a matter of life and death and that it could go either way.Thankfully it went the right way and God healed his little tiny body totally and completely. I'm so happy today to say that one year later Seth is a perfectly healthy one year old!!! We are so Thankful that God healed him we could not imagine our Life with out him...
GOD is Sooo GOOD!! These pictures were taken after he came out of PICU.

This is Seth's Amazing doctor "Doc. Johnson"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

Well maybe a few....Is he not precious? Oh how I could just kiss his little cheeks off!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful mother!!! Does she not make 50 look good!!! I pray that when I turn 50 I look as good as she looks!!
Hope you have a Great birthday Mom... I love you and thanks for being such a wonderful mother and grandmother well "maw-ma".

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One year ago today...

Our life's changed forever when God blessed our family with our Precious baby boy Seth Ryan thru the miracle of adoption. We could never imagine our life without this sweet boy in it. So in honor of this special Birthday we celebrated with friends and family yesterday with a monkey party for our little monkey Seth!!

His monkey cake was sooo adorable and sooo YUMMY!!!!

A good friend of mine Kim had this b-day hat made for Seth when he was first born to wear for his 1st b-day. It is so cute but he hated wearing it.

Are you sure??? All of this is cake is for me...Are you kidding me?

Hmmmm. was all he could say!!

And than it was gone.

Opening presents... He got a monkey backpack: )

More presents!! He liked the cards the most. They are so funny at this age.

Its was a wonderful 1st birthday for Seth with Beautiful weather. We rented a moon bounce too but I really think we wasted our money on that.I really rented it for the older children that came to the party but they were more interested in riding our golf cart more : )
Seth Ryan you are a true gift from God. We love you so very much!! Happy Birthday Sweet boy!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Girls Don't CRY!!!

But mom sure does... Yes I teared up this morning when I dropped Avery off for her very First day of middle school. Avery on the other hand was so excited and did not seem to be one bit nervous Thankfully!! I really do think this is going to be a great year we LOVE the school and Avery is really a good girl and I think she will do really well as long as she does not come home with the " I know it all attitude" Ha !!

I did have to sneak this picture when I let her out this morning...because in middle school you don't get to get out and take pictures in front of the school. Now this is not a school rule this was Avery's rule!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A fun day at the water park... and the Panthers Preseason game!!!

A sweet coworker of Brian's gave us FREE tickets to Wet n Wild water park up in Greensboro... So we packed up early Sat. morning and headed to Greensboro and oh did the children have a blast!!!!

Seth loving the swing at the water park...I know that lady in the background would have really appreciated it if I would have cropped her backside out. SORRY limited time this morning: )

All "three" children going down the slide : )

Seth refused to look at the camera he was more interested in what that little boy was doing. I think Seth knew when you get to the bottom you have to get up. They are so smart!
***Are you ready for some Football??
OK tonight starts the Panthers preseason!!!!!!!! So how many of you will be wearing your panther pride and camped out by your TV tonight eating some not so healthy food??? We WILL!!