Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Favorite things...

My Wonderful husband... Could not imagine my life without him!

My sweet sweet babies... I love them so much!!

I would go CRAZY without something SWEET and these babies do the trick!!

So in LOVE with my Big Buddha bag my hubby got me for Christmas.

I love my Dolce and Gabbana light blue another Christmas gift from my hubby.

I have to have fresh breath... My most favorite Trident original.

My Mary Kay coral rose lip gloss I don't leave home without it.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pray for Stellen

A Wonderful Vacation and a very lazy blogger...

What a wonderful vacation we had. Just can't believe we have been home over a week and I'm just now blogging about it and even being lazy now with only 2 beach pictures. The beach was Great... We had beautiful weather even though some days were very HOT! We spent our days on the beach everyday with lots of family. A huge group of us go down together every year and we have so much FUN! Avery and Seth had a blast for sure and came back two brown beach babes for sure.I know I have been so Terrible with blogging this summer I have a lot more beach pics I may post later.... But will see HA!! This week we have had a little stomach bug going around our house first Avery than Seth and I and so far hubby has been able to escape it and we are praying he won't get it. Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Are we there YET??????

These will be the famous words..... I will here at least a dozen times on the way to the beach in the morning!!!! Yes we are headed to beach in the morning for a week and we can't wait. We are leaving bright and early so we will have a full day. So say a little prayer for safe travel, good weather, a good baby on the way down, and for lots of family fun!! See ya when we get back: )