Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let me tell you about my Best Friend...

This is Seth's very best friend in the whole world right now Miss Zoey... Well other than Thomas the train Ha!
Zoey's mommy and I walk every morning together at the park and while we are walking and pushing these two in their strollers they like to hold hands.... I know "so sweet" it really is so Precious !! They are only a few months apart and they have really grown up together. They are usually together every day and on Sunday's too at church. Seth loves all of Zoey's cute hair bows and sometimes on occasion likes to wear them but not if his daddy is around!! The most precious part about their special friendship is that their mommy's were both praying for these sweet little miracles to come at the same time I through adoption and Zoey's through a pregnancy that her mommy wanted so badly. God answered both of our prayers and these two angels are the result of it. We prayed for these sweet babies for a lot of years and through a lot of tears but as always God's timing is perfect!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Yes I'm back from a 2 month blogging break that really was not planned. But just have been super crazy busy with Life, kids, ballgames, school, trying to sell our house, family visiting and the list goes on. So with all that said blogging fell to the bottom of the list HA!!! But I'm back but with just bullets this morning and some pictures to follow later: )

~School is almost out!! Woo Hoo
~Seth is talking up a storm... I think he says a new word everyday!
~ Avery has had one of her best seasons ever in softball!!
~ Vacation can't come soon enough!!
~ We have a contract on a home that I can't wait to decorate but I have to sell this one first. Please pray!!
~ My brother is getting married in less than two weeks and we are all in the wedding except for Seth he is to young.... But I am the oldest bridesmaid Ha! So YES I'm dieting right now like a mad woman!

I know my bullet list was not very long, but I have lunches to pack and it's my week to take the crew to school. Now if I have a very productive day I may play catch up with some pictures I have to share. Will see.........