Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To my Sweet Husband!!

 Hope you have a Wonderful b-day!!!! We Love you!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Seth Ryan!!!

Today my Sweet Boy turns Two!! What a precious blessing you are Seth Ryan We Love you so very much... You are growing up so fast and its a little bittersweet for Mommy and Daddy. Seth at 2 yrs old you are so in love with your Daddy and  it just melts my heart, your daddy is your biggest hero to you! You are so loving and you want to hug and kiss Mommy a thousand times during the day and I just Love it. Some of your favorites things to do are watch Thomas the train, play outside and go in sissy's room and get in all of her stuff !! You are all boy with your love of anything to do with ball.  Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!! We love you!!

Over the weekend we had a Thomas the train party for Seth's birthday and wanted to share the b-day pictures.
What a Great Thomas party!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Terrible blogger...

Well..... That's my title again Terrible blogger!!!!!  I really give it to all you "super moms" who are so awesome at blogging. I am not going to make any more promises on how I am going to become a better blogger because I have broken every one of them HA!! So with that said.... What have the Stanton clan been up to?? School, volley ball games, homework, and chasing a very active almost 2yr old  sweet little boy and did I mention volleyball? Avery made the middle school volleyball team and boy are they keeping us very busy between games and practices and I am also planning  sweet little Seth Ryan a Thomas the Train birthday party, but even though I'm super busy I feel super blessed to be able to do it all!! I have so much catching up to do here in the blogging world and honestly don't know if I can, but here is a pic of Seth on his new swing set he got last week and it really got a lot of use over the weekend with this wonderful weather we have had. Seth is growing up so fast and I can't believe he is getting ready to turn two!! Avery is doing so great an adjusting very well to her new school. We put Avery in a private Christian school this year and she LOVES it so much!! I just love the fact that she gets BIBLE daily and Prayer in school and she loves that too.
Avery's first day of school

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!