Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's been too LONG!!!!!

WOW!!! I really can't believe I have not blogged since Christmas!!!  It really has been way too long. So what have we been up to in the last 2 months??? This post will be without pictures because I got a new lap top....and my camera that I really do love and still use and that takes great pictures is a little dated and not compatible with my new lap top so working all the kinks out still.  Well we survived one of the coldest winters I can ever remember. I know winter really is not over yet but the recent temps of  70 degree days sure feels like spring to me. Avery just finished basketball season out and now we are entering softball season ....So the  hustle and bustle continues in the Stanton home with lots of trips to the ball field. I would not have it any other way so Thankful that God allows our family to be so busy and Healthy!! Avery turned 13 this month and I'm still in shock we now officially have a teenager!"Pics to come soon" I know the older our children turn we like to often joke and say how old that makes us feel and though it does a little more than anything I feel Blessed! Our sweet Seth Ryan truly is growing up too fast! His vocabulary is growing each day and we get so tickled with some of things he is saying....He now often calls me and his dad "honey" which we think is just so funny to hear him say "come hear honey" in that little sweet voice of his! Seth is also beginning to show interest in using the potty. Just this Sunday he told me he needed to the use the potty, so I took him in there and sure enough he actually did poop in the potty. You would have thought we won the lottery or something we were just so tickled and of course he has not done it again since! Hoping to have my pictures all working this week so I can get back on track blogging! Have a Great week!

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